History of the Stadthaus

The Hotel Stadthaus Burgdorf is located on historically rich ground: built in its current appearance between 1745 and 1750, what was originally the town hall of the town of Burgdorf stands on the site of the old inn, Zum Weissen Kreuz (first mentioned in 1376). It was the scene of various memorable events, and is also known as the "Rütli of the Canton of Bern".

History has also been written inside the Stadthaus Burgdorf; in its rooms, for example, the Schnell brothers drafted the first democratic constitution of the canton of Bern around 1830, which is how the house came to be known as the "Rütli of the Canton of Bern". The Stadthaus experienced its golden era in the late 18th century as well as in the 19th. The project managers chose that era for the house’s interior, which features furniture in Louis XVI, Empire, and the grand Biedermeier styles. The furnishings were enhanced by a collection of genuine antiques from this period. Decorated with Persian carpets, original mercury mirrors, and Napoleon III lights, the Stadthaus acquired its greatly admired charm.

Stadthaus AG changed hands during autumn 1997, passing to Willy Michel, majority shareholder of Ypsomed AG. Born in Burgdorf, he promptly renovated the building, which was in extreme need of improvement, and brought it back to its former splendour. Initially, various concepts of alternatives for the new look of the old Stadthaus were developed. Architectural structure and historical preservation requirements for the facades allowed only limited design freedom. Choosing in which direction to take the building was a fundamental decision. Research in archives and libraries regarding the importance and the former interior design of the building revealed the fact that the Stadthaus had long maintained its reputation for being the best house for miles around. Especially in the 19th century, the hotel enjoyed great popularity, which gradually declined, mainly for economic reasons.

The renovation, taking into account all relevant aspects of aesthetics, historical preservation, and comfort, began on 1st July 1998. The entire project was completed just seven months later, and the Hotel Stadthaus was opened to the public in its full glory.

The Hotel Stadthaus now offers 18 rooms under its roof, including two suites, a junior suite of 48 sqm, and a roof suite of 62 sqm. All rooms are furnished with period furniture, beautiful textiles, and some real antiques.

Since 2016, the Hotel Stadthaus has been part of the Romantik Hotels.