The ultimate feast

Burgdorf, Kriegstetten and Dürrenroth 

At all three locations, all three of our chefs will cook for you with passion. In consultation with the other chefs, each of them creates a course in a fabulous menu at the highest level. Prepare to be enchanted! 

6 March at the Hotel Stadthaus in Burgdorf

3 April Hotel Sternen in Kriegstetten

24 April Hotel Bären in Dürrenroth 

3-course meal (CHF 75)
4-course meal (CHF 95) 
5-course meal (CHF 110)
6-course meal (CHF 120) 

including aperitif

Start: From 6 p.m.

Reservations for the Stadthaus for 6 March 2020 requested at:
034 428 80 00 or info@stadthaus.ch 

You can find our flyer here.